"TOOL FUEL" is the original and still the best choice nationwide for fueling any small engine used by Fire and Emergency Services!

Beware of unscrupulous companies selling copycat products
supposedly doing the same function as "TOOL FUEL"
These products WILL NOT work the same as "TOOL FUEL"
and in most cases will result in the same product failures as pump gas.
Be sure to ask for "TOOL FUEL" !

"TOOL FUEL" is the only fuel on the market specifically designed for the fire and rescue service. Based on innovative motorsports technology and engineered for proven reliability. Why put your lives at risk with pump gas when there is a fuel designed specifically for your expensive life saving equipment.

• Never dump fuel again due to age
• 2 or 4 stroke usage
• Eliminates hard starting
• Top lube built in to extend engine life
• Eliminates rebuilding carburetor due to varnish ($80-$100 value)
• Lower operating and maintenance costs
• Evaporates Clean - no residues

Today’s pump gas becomes unreliable 12-15 days after delivery to the station. Do You Want to Gamble?

"Tool Fuel" has an infinite shelf life and Contains No Ethanol.

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