Tool Fuel - Top 10 FAQ

1 • What is Tool Fuel?
A direct replacement for commercial pump gas

2 • What is wrong with pump gas?
Pump gas has an extremely small window of use, often as short as 15-20 days. The chemical make up of pump gas allows the product to extract 10-15% water directly out of the air and incorporate the water into the gas. As pump gas ages, it also breaks down into a series of unburnable fats, waxes and oils. This process is first noticed as engines become hard to start. In extreme cases, the carburators become totally gunked up, requiring rebuild.

3 • Does Tool Fuel have a high octane like racing fuel?
No! The chemistry supporting Tool Fuel is based on race gas technology. Tool Fuel is purpose made for small displacement, low compression engines. The design criteria includes ultra-long storage life, universal quick starting under all weather conditions and low engine maintenance costs. To answer the question completely, Tool Fuel has a research octane of 96, a motor octane of 95 and a antiknock index (R+M/2) of 95.5.

4 • What types of engines can Tool Fuel be used in?
Tool Fuel can be used in all small displacement 2 or 4 cycle engines, with the exception of engines equipped with catalytic converters.

5 • For 2 cycle use, do I still use oil?
Yes! For 2 cycle premixed oil applications, use the recommended oil at the recommended ratio. For 2 cycle oil injection - use oil as you normally would.

6 • We dump our pump gas every two weeks, do we have to do this with Tool Fuel?
No! You can leave engines permanently fueled with Tool Fuel. Over a long period of time, Tool Fuel will evaporate cleanly - no residue, no gunk!

7 • Does Tool Fuel gum up carburators like pump gas?
No! The chemical makeup of Tool Fuel allows it to evaporate cleanly in both the fuel tank and carburators without any residues. Leave all engines permanently fueled with Tool Fuel.

8 • How do you store Tool Fuel?
Keep Tool Fuel sealed in original containers when not needed. The original containers are specifically designed for long term storage of hydrocarbon fuels. If original container has not been moved in a long period of time, gently agitate container to get the special oil fraction back into suspension.

9 • What is the shelf life of Tool Fuel?
The shelf life of Tool Fuel stored in original packaging is unlimited! Tool Fuel that is used to fuel an engine will never go bad. Tool Fuel will evaporate in a vented fuel system, but it will not gum, varnish or go stale.

10 • Does Tool Fuel save us money?
Absolutely! Not only will you never have to dump out fuel again, but your yearly maintenance costs will be greatly reduced or eliminated. No carburators to rebuild!


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